Dob Park Season Finale

Well, what a year it has been. Seven fantastic rounds at 6 iconic venues across the North of England. Higher entries than any year so far with a total of 72 different riders over the year. Even for the last round we had 6 newbies: Roxy Wood, Louie Laz, Tom Mitchell, Maisie Danes, Charlie Constatine and Jessica Blackley. Could there be a future champion amongst them. It has been a hard couple of years for OSET CUP NORTH, but we have managed to survive and come out stronger. We must be doing something right. Riders have come from far and wide and not just from the North of England and Yorkshire but from SCOTLAND!!! 

We AlWe Al action

The series is now renowned for creating future champions and not just at local level. We now have on our role of honor or honour ? Bloody spell check!!

1 x World Champion, 2 x European Champions and God knows how many British Champions. New riders are moving up every year with Joshua Tate and Eddie Charlton flying the flag this year. Watch this space as they will be adding to our role of honour very shortly. We have more girls riding too which is great to see, perhaps we will produce a lady's champion at the Brits next year.

Brother and SisterGirls UnitedEddie with trophies

The above stats give me a real buzz knowing that all the effort over the years is producing dividends. I get a lump in my throat at nearly every round after seeing another great ride or a smiling face or a friendship formed. Thanks must go out to Carl Batty who has helped at every round, I could not have done it without you!!! Thanks to all the landowners too, Ed Roe, Mike Hinch, Andrew Carter, John Whitaker, Scunthorpe Club, Scarborough Club, Mr Batty. Thanks to all the parents who have helped out observing or doing results, Vicky Clegg and Rose Batty deserve a special mention for putting up with my one fingered typing.

Some of you may be joining the petrol ranks for next year and I for one will be sorry to see any of you go!!! We will need to add a bigger class for older kids perhaps going forward. Who know we could have a lads and dads trial next year. If you have any suggestions for next year, please fire away and send me a message or give me a call.

Group ShotDJ Si Ears

In closing I hope the kids were not too full of E numbers on the way home and that they all went home asking when the next one is.





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