Activity Pack

Your OSET activity pack containing loads of fun challenges for OSET riders to keep active, develop your skills and have FUN!

Download your copy here:  OSET-Activity-Pack

When you have downloaded the pack simply print it off and get cracking. Remember to post any of your designs and stories to our Facebook page @osetbikes and tag with #osetbikes

To go with the pack we will be releasing regular videos on Facebook and YouTube featuring essential trials techniques and lessons to help you become a better rider.

For both kids AND adults with OSET’s, the back garden is often big enough to do some serious learning while ‘Taking Fun Seriously’. OSET’s own Oliver and Elliot Smith will be releasing a series of training and challenge video’s for those at home to follow. OSET hope that as many riders as possible hop on their bikes and take part.

With each challenge, OSET are inviting riders to send in their video’s via the OSET Facebook page. Oliver is ready to comment on customer video’s to provide personalised tips and guidance. Each challenge will be preceded by a training video. Subjects include basics such as stance on the bike, balance and tight turns, up through hopping, wheelies, stoppies, bunny-hops, front touches and – ultimately - to front wheel roll-backs! OSET hope that USA Trials Champ and stunt rider Pat Smage will be guest teacher for this technique, with Oliver as student number 1!

Lesson 1 - Balance and Stance available now!

Oliver & Elliot have years’ worth of experience between them with National titles and European Championship successes. They hope they can pass on their expertise using these videos.

At OSET, we see this as an opportunity to improve on your riding, fitness and mental wellbeing - with the result being more competent and confident riders.

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Activity Pack Answers

OSET Crossword:
1) Controller
2) Throttle 
3) Brake
4) Battery

1) Forks
2) Frame
3) Wheel
4) Sprocket
5) Stickers
6) Handlebar
7) Motor
8) Charger

OSET Quiz 
1) Oliver Smith Electric Trials​
2) 6
3) 2006
4) 4
6) 30
7) OSET Dynamos
8) 2004
9) OSET Rider
10) Toni Bou
11) Northerly - Canada or Norway / Southerly - New Zealand
12) Lead-Acid and Lithium
13) Graham Jarvis, Billy Bolt, Johnny Walker, Taddy Blazuziak, Paul Bolton, Mario Roman, David Knight, Pol Tarres and more.
14) 3 – 24v, 36v and 48v
15) 7
16) 9
17) Scottish 6 Day Trial (SSDT)
18) Twice
19) 12
20) Fun