OSET 12.5 Racing - $2250* arriving May-July

Limited stock Now Arriving May - July due to C19 - Click HERE to SECURE your 2020 model OSET 12 Racing - Don't miss out SELLING FAST![mailto:peteg@oset.com.au?subject=Please%20secure%20a%202020%20OSET%2012%20Racing%20for%20me%20from%20next%20shipment]

  • Disc brakes front and rear.
  • OSET alloy hubs, foot pegs and handlebars.
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OSET 16 Racing - $2950* arriving May-July

Click HERE to secure your 2020 OSET 16 Racing - Arriving May - now delayed to July 2020 due to C19 - Order NOW![mailto:peteg@oset.com.au?subject=Please%20secure%20a%202020%20OSET%2016%20Racing%20for%20me!]

  • Fully adjustable suspension.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Magnetic lanyard kill switch.
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OSET 20 Lite - $3100* arriving May-July

LIMITED Stock arriving in our May2020 shipment whcih is now delayed possibly until July due to C19 - Click HERE to Order![mailto:peteg@oset.com.au?subject=Please%20SECURE%20my%20OSET%2020%20Lite]

  • OSET 3 dial adjustable controller.
  • OSET magnetic lanyard kill switch.
  • Air adjustable front forks.
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NEW 20R MKII LiPo - $4850* arriving May -July

2020 OSET MKII 20 Racing Lithium - Arriving in our May 2020 shipment which has been delayed up to 2 months due to C-19 - RRP$4850* click HERE to order now![mailto:peteg@oset.com.au?subject=OSET20Racing%20MKII%20Lithium%20Enquiry%20from%20OSETBikes.com%2Fau]

  • New MKII Lithium powered for increased run time and reduced weight
  • For riders aged 8 to Adults
  • RRP: $4850*
    *Note: All prices are GST inclusive but exclude freight, and assembly charges. Please call your dealer to attain full price.
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OSET MX10 Lithium - $4750 arriving May-July

Order NOW $4750* arriving in our May shipment now due to arrive in July2020 due to C-19 - limited quantity's![mailto:peteg@oset.com.au?subject=OSET%20MX10%20Enquiry%20from%20OSETBikes.com%2Fau]

  • Adjustable seat height.
  • OSET 20ah lithium battery.
  • Fully adjustable suspension.
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