Collection & Repair Service

At OSET we believe strongly that our bikes are designed and manufactured to a very high standard. Every effort is made during the design process in the UK and America to ensure your OSET is able to meet the requirements of the job it was intended for, specifically that of observed trials.

We take pride in our production process, being both efficient and ensuring that high standards of quality control are met. Our bikes are then transported safely and securely around the globe to the various importers and distributed through a chain of hard working and knowledgeable dealerships that will make a final check for quality during a PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection).

Once your OSET is out there being used as it was intended, like any piece of machinery it will require basic maintenance to keep it running smoothly. All of these basic maintenance checks can be carried out if you are competent, however if you are unsure of anything then we have a guide that can help with what to look out for and to run you through some diagnostics.

In the event that your OSET develops a fault and you are unsure what to do to resolve the problem we suggest to call us on 0843 289 2890 to speak to a technician who will be able to talk you through the problem and suggest ways in which you can find a solution. Additional to this we have a strong dealer network across the UK who are able to provide service and repair facilities.

As a last resort and particularly for those who are unable to get to one of our dealerships, OSET Bikes Ltd does offer a collection and repair service. We can arrange a courier to recover the bike to our HQ from any UK mainland postcode. Contact us for a price.

OSET's 'Collection and Repair Service' works in the following way:

For Bikes (*outside of the 60 day warranty period) 

Contact us for a price - (This covers the secure collection and return of your bike through our selected courier service)

Once all other avenues have been explored remotely by our technicians, OSET will advise the suitability for the return of your bike.

  1. OSET will arrange the collection of your bike and provide all relevant documentation to you for the transportation of your bike to our HQ, this will be sent to you via e-mail. (*Please note you will need your bike to boxed ready for collection with all the documentation we send you via e-mail displayed clearly and securely to the outside of the box).
  2. It can take up to 48 hours for us to receive the bike but once we do, one of our trained technicians will perform a free inspection of the bike to diagnose the problem.
  3. An OSET technician will contact you by phone to explain our findings and will cost out the options available to you.
  4. At this point either; you will have decided that you do not want us to carry the work out needed to fix your bike, or that you are happy for us to go ahead and fix your bike subject to the parts and labour** costs described to you.
  5. Finally we will return your bike to you on a 48hr secure courier service.
  1. For Parts:
  2. Once all other avenues have been explored remotely by our technicians, OSET will advise the suitability for the return of your part or group of components. (This service is particularly useful, and cost effective, if we are unable to work out the fault with your OSET from the symptoms you may have described, we may suggest the return of all the electrical components to perform further tests).
  3. In most cases specific components on our bikes are quite small and lightweight and are easily transported through the post office. We suggest you package the items well and use a recorded service.
  4. Once we have received the parts in question one of our technicians will investigate the problem completely free of charge, once we have drawn our conclusions we will give you a call to advise what parts and / or labour** charge may become applicable if we go ahead with the work.
  5. On completion of the work we will return the parts at our cost free of charge to you.

*Whether it is that we are inspecting a bike or some parts for you we aim to turn it around the same day we receive them.

**Additional Labour is charged at a rate of £50 per hour plus VAT.

In the event that you are not satisfied with any OSET product that you have purchased within the last 60 days, either direct from OSET Bikes Ltd or through one of our dealerships, it is possible to have us inspect the goods in question under warranty. This is subject to a proof of purchase receipt and the full terms and conditions of our warranty policy listed here.